iDea Brainstorm

Sometimes it takes many iDeas to get that one brilliant solution. For those occasions when you need to capture a whole bunch of thoughts, the iDea Brainstorm is perfect. Just fill it with a stack of iDeas and let your genius flow.

InkSync input set

With InkSync built into every iDea, capturing your thoughts is as easy as point and write. This set of efficient & stylish input devices will cover all your inspirational needs. Keep one in your pocket, one at your desk, and one beside your bed (for those special REM cycle reflections).

iDea PostUP

Share your iDeas with the world. Perfect for mySpace, yourSpace or anySpace - PostUP your best iDea and let the world know. Get together with other iDea users, network your iDeas together, and unleash some serious groupthink.


Some of your best thinking is done on the go. With iTtach you can keep your iDea by your side at all times. Clip it to a shirt pocket, belt, thinking cap, cape, magic lasso - anything. Holds up to 10 iDeas.