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Not only is it the final frontier, its an integral neccessity for recording your most valuable thoughts. Wether your an astro-physicist working on a breakthrough theory of unification, or just spaced-out when inspiration strikes, the iDea has plenty of room. Seven diagonal inches of inspiration just waiting for your genuis to strike.


Right brained or left, whatever you can dream up, iDea has you covered. Doodles, diagrams, sketches, concepts or just plain old words Ů compatibility is a breeze. Transferring your favorite thoughts from other platforms is a simple drag-and-jot.


Getting those brilliant thoughts out of your head is only the first step. After all it takes a village to build an electromagnetic particle accelerator. With iDea Collaboration amongst your friends and colleges is as simple as a hand shake. Completely wireless and easily portable, iDea lets you post or transfer your thoughts to anyone, anywhere.


The revolutionary surface technology InkSync, allows you to transcribe thoughts to your iDea with a myriad of input devices. A true žuniversalÓ surface, InkSync can interface with pen, pencil, marker, crayon, even blood (for those notions that require utmost certainty).

Design Simplicity

A triumph of the functional presented in a sleek minimal form. The perfect zen ying to your brainstorming yang. Lightweight and small enough to fit into a pocket, the iDea provides a stylish yet conveniently simple way to capture your concepts. Manufactured with 85% post consumer fiber ensures your iDea is 100% recyclable. An unparalleled žcradle to graveÓ product design.