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Shmapple reinvents innovation - Introducing


Every revolution begins with an idea. Daydreams, aspirations, a vision for the future. Movements are formed, culture is born and people's lives are changed. Meet the ultimate device for capturing those seeds of change - your thoughts.

Enough space for your biggest ideas.

Truly brilliant thoughts need room to stretch their legs - to spread their wings. Your ideas are valuable. A sticky little yellow box just isn't good enough. The iDea is designed with 7 diagonal inches of space. No more short-handed squiggles.

A triumph of design simplicity.

Small enough to fit into a shirt pocket and weighing less than a credit card, the iDea offers a revolutionary portable platform for all your thoughts. Anytime, anywhere your next bright idea happens you'll be prepared to capture it with ease.

Share your thoughts with the world.

The best ideas are infectious. Your thoughts need to be accessible. The iDea was designed with portability in mind. Capture your next creative idea and set the world on fire with your brilliance.

All the features to fuel your fancy.Peruse the product gallery.Accessorize your iDea and start spreading your genius.